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Golden years indeed

Golden years indeed Based on the $ 1,630.70 per ounce, the price per gram is about $ 52.43 (That is $ 1,630.70 divided by about 31.10 grams. Note precious metals are measured in Troy ounces–31.1034768 grams–not in avoirdupois ounces–28.4 grams–used for other … Read more on Winnipeg Free Press Coin Rarities & Related Topics: 1792 Silver […]

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Gold hits 00 for first time The price of gold reached a record, trading at $ 1,000 an ounce for the first time, pushed higher by a weak US dollar and fears about the US economy. Concerns about a possible US recession are seeing investors buy up commodities such as gold as an … Read more […]

Comparing the density between GOLD and SILVER bullion

In this video , I show just how much gold and silver differ in density. I weigh several 1 oz American Silver Eagles , a 5 oz Apmex silver bar , a 10 oz Wall … Video Rating: 3 / 5

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1868 income tax form: billiard tables, carriages "Profits in any trade, business or vocation"; earnings from sales of stock or gold (an avoirdupois-to-troy conversion table is helpfully provided); and from real estate, rents and interest on bonds and other securities. — Income from "farming … Read more on San Francisco Chronicle Gold returns back above […]

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Financial Instruments During the market upheavals of recent weeks, spot gold prices bobbed at around eight hundred dollars per ounce. The best Stradivarius violin, on the other hand, could have gone for something like seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars per ounce. That … Read more on New Yorker Hiding Gold in All the Unusual […]