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How come THAT idiot avoids the 75 most costly mistakes every real estate investor makes

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Yeah…man…Today is a preview of things to come.

COMEX is now down to 35 million ounce of physical silver it can use to make deliveries. www.zerohedge.com Private sector job creation collapses money.cnn.com Housing double dip confirmed money.cnn.com Ted Butler provides insight into the organized plan to crash the silver market news.silverseek.com Bloomberg reports this morning that US silver eagle coin sales through May […]

Silver Prices Climbed An Incredible 8.9% This Previous Week ! Will it Carry on Its Climb, Or Will it Come Crashing Down To Where It Was?

Article by The Rogue Economist If some of my readers aren’t alert to the present silver prices, you should go and take a quick look. The spot price of silver proceeded to go up by 8.9% just last week . Those who have read my report knows that I’m at present an exceedingly big fan […]